Celebrity airbrushing

I know we love to see these pictures, proves celebrities need a helping hand to look good too. See the gallery below for celebs who have a bit of air brushing. Some results are shocking!



Lupita Nyong’o skin colour seems to have been lightened


Kristen Stewart sees to have lost half of her arm


Adam Levine has lost a part of his torso!


Kate Winslet is half her regular size


Beyonce has been air brushed so that she can have a thigh gap


Demi Moore has been air brushed to be slimmer and younger!


Penelope Cruz – wow air brushing is good!


Even the beautiful Megan Fox got a helping hand


Kim K before and after air brushing


Cameron Diaz before and after


Laila Rouass – Most of you most prob haven’t heard of her. Small time british actress but look at the results! Shocking!!!


What’s up with Kylie Jenner?

Kylie Jenner may only be 16 years old but she behaves a lot older if her pictures are anything to go by. It’s quite alarming that a girl of this age is so openly inappropriate and a poor role model to other younger girls. Kylie constantly posts pictures which are less than appropriate – usually of her in bikinis with too much make up on or posing in a sexual manner. I think this girl needs to realise she’s only 16 and should be out enjoying her younger years instead of playing dress up. I am sure being in the Kardashian household, where looks are the only thing that matter, can’t be that easy especially as her slightly older sister has a successful modelling career (Kendall). Whatever the reason is, she needs to tone it down a bit and go easy on the make up and plastic surgery (not yet confirmed if she’s actually had any but her lips do look suspiciously larger).


kylie-jenner-short-shorts.png.pagespeed.ic.xap7UkCkiKkylie-jenner-in-leather.jpg.pagespeed.ic.AO5ljq6ARF kylie-jenner-cleavage-pic.jpg.pagespeed.ic.wsskvVSomU kylie-jenner-cleavage-photo.jpg.pagespeed.ic.9UAgp6bG2z kylie-jenner-butt-selfie.jpg.pagespeed.ic.Uk60hQHkgA kylie-jenner-bikini-pose.jpg.pagespeed.ic.RvJPRH3_6c kylie-jenner-bikini-picture-take-47.jpg.pagespeed.ic.0nzsU6sJT8 kylie-jenner-bikini-photos.jpg.pagespeed.ce.oqoypMIT-- kylie-jenner-bathing-suit-photo.png.pagespeed.ic.xYJZj88pke kylie-jenner-and-jaden-smith-in-bed.jpg.pagespeed.ic.-5BbZgeQ7I xsultry-kylie-jenner.png.pagespeed.ic.uhYRJQT9p4 xkylie-jenner-in-a-bikini.png.pagespeed.ic.saesjplGgn

What did Jay Z give Kimye as their wedding gift?

It must be almost impossible to buy something for a couple who already have everything! Jay Z and Beyoncé may have missed Kim and Kanye’s wedding but that didn’t stop them from lavishing them with an ornate gift. It’s been reported that the gift was a bottle of Chianti dipped in gold with a diamond cork! That’s an original gift I guess. What do you think?