What a dog! Katie Price suffers heart break again

No one deserves to be cheated on, especially when pregnant. My heart really goes out to Katie Price. Her current husband, father of their 8 month old baby and father of baby on the way, has reportedly been having an affair with Katie’s best friend for 7 months!!!! What a total knob (to put it mildly). Why are some men never happy with what they have? They should realise when they bring kids into the world they have to try that little bit harder.

I am not a Katie Price fan but have to admire her as a business woman and mother (5th baby currently on the way). Her current partner, Kieran Hayler, was a stripper so need we say more really. Her best friend was her maid of honour. What happened to the girl code???? It’s utterly disgusting and I hope Katie doesn’t get too stressed over it seeing that she is heavily pregnant. My thoughts go out to her and her kids.

Thank God he doesn’t get any of her fortune and she’s said she is divorcing him. Kick him to the gutter where he belongs I say!!



Katie with her so called best friend, Jane Pountney, on her wedding day

katie 2

Katie and Kieran on their wedding day





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