Do ladies feel intimidated by the buff guys at the gym?

If you are a woman that lifts then you get what I am talking about. I love lifting and slowly with time I have got stronger but obviously cannot lift as much as the super huge guys at the gym. I have many friends who get intimidated by these body building type guys and feel that they are laughing at them for lifting such small amounts. I certainly hope they’re not. Everyone should be applauded for being at the gym in the first place, regardless of what they do there. They have made the conscious effort to get fit and that should be what the focus should be on not who can lift how much. I’m pretty sure these guys are more interested on their own workout than looking at yours!

I have to admit I did used to be slightly nervous when I entered the `muscle’ section of the gym but as your confidence grows, you forget about others and the main focus is on your work out, not anyone elses’s.

So remember ladies, everyone is at the gym to workout, ok some are there to check out others! Don’t feel intimidated – go to the weights section with pride and concentrate on your workout and getting that buff body you’ve always dreamed of.



Don’t be afraid of these guys. They are just working out like the rest of us


Concentrate on your workout and increasing your strength


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