Embarrassing exercises?

Are there some exercises you just won’t do at the gym? Well for me, yep, there are a few. I don’t mind squatting low or skipping but I simply can’t get myself to do burpees at the gym. I think I look like a freak to start with and I make the worst sounds. A kind of grunting almost dying sound which is so not attractive. I save this exercise for home along with the duck walking squat. Now what is this exactly? Well basically you stand with your hips shoulder width apart and get in the squat position and walk while maintaining the squat position. It’s called the duck squat because that’s exactly what you look like- a duck!! Look at the pic below. You have to cover quite a bit of ground too in this duck position – prefer to do it at home. Are there exercises you prefer to do in the privacy of your own home?



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