Poor Tori- someone help her please


I feel so bad for Tori Spelling and her recent marriage woes. Her husband and father of her 4 kids, Dean McDermott, admitted to being unfaithful to his wife and since then her life has spiraled out of control.

She is very thin again, almost skeletal, due to all the stress and to top it off it has been announced today that she needs major spinal surgery. However, Tori refuses to go to hospital in fear of jeopardizing her marriage further and making her reality show ratings fall. She thinks her hubby won’t cope at home with 4 kids so she just won’t go and get the operation she urgently needs. Instead, she is suffering and having to take medication to control the pain. How can she think of her selfish hubby at a time like this? She needs to concentrate on her health so that she can be strong enough for her kids and kick that cheating hubby to the curb!



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