Katie Price’s best friend admits affair with her husband

So Jane Pountney has finally admitted having an affair with Katie’s husband- her best friends’s husband none the less.
Disgraceful isn’t it?! Jane hasn’t revealed any intimate details but has stated that she ‘deeply regrets’ the affair- of course she does because they got caught. Maybe the thrill of having a secret relationship was what turned them on?
Jane Pountney’s husband has stood by her and they released a joint statement over her actions. He actually denies the pair had a full blown affair. I am sure things will slowly unravel in the next few days. Whatever the truth is you have got to feel sorry for Katie. She never has any success with her marriages and she is currently 6 months pregnant.

What I can conclude is that Katie’s friend of almost 20 years was willing to lose a friendship over a guy- quite sad and pathetic. Doesn’t she know the girl code? Don’t sleep with your best friend’s husband! Unforgivable.




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