What to order when you eat out?

If you’re like me then you like to eat out… a lot. Now you can still manage to eat healthy if you pick the right items from the menu. Eating out doesn’t mean grabbing a Mcdonald’s or a kebab on the way home. I’m talking about having a sit down meal in a restaurant. Some cuisines are of course more fattening than others – Chinese and Indian, for example, but you can still enjoy them if you skip out on the fried food and the curries with the cream (the chicken korma is the main culprit here). When we eat out we all tend to go a bit overboard so try not to go to a restaurant when you are absolutely starving and fill up a bit on water.

I always check out the menu of a restaurant online before I go so I can decide, in advance, what to order. Of course everyone knows that ordering fish is a good choice but just make sure it’s not covered in butter or fried. You can always request how you want your food cooked in a restaurant, grilled or baked not fried, and how the food has been prepared. I am sure most restaurants will be willing to comply with your easy demands.
Don’t fill up on the soft drinks or the free bread that they bring out first. Try to order a salad (hold the dressing)for starters and make a sensible main meal choice and skip the dessert or share it with whomever you have taken to the meal. I always tend to skip the starter, order either meat or chicken for the main and share the dessert (life’s too short to always skip the dessert), sharing it doesn’t feel so bad.

Stay clear from foods that have a creamy or buttery dressing, ask for an alternative if you can. You don’t have to banish the booze either but be sensible in your choices. A glass of wine can average about 150 calories while a cocktail can be as much as 350-400 calories! Now you don’t want to drink your calories so opt for the wine or champagne or plain water if you’re not a drinker.

If you eat out a lot then it’s a good idea to stay in control of what you order when you are out otherwise you are going to have to start buying a larger wardrobe! If you don’t eat out that often then don’t feel so guilty on the odd splurge every now and again- you deserve it!


eating out


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