Did Solange beat Jay Z because he was cheating?

The rumour mill has gone into overdrive regarding the bust up between Solange and Jay Z. What drove Solange to kick, spit and punch Jay Z in the first place?

Many reports suggest that she was angry all night at the Met Gala and even had an argument with Kim Kardashian’s best friend, Rachel Roy. What they were arguing about is unclear. Sounds like Solange was just not happy on that night at all.

Now some reports have gone one step further and suggested that Jay Z got such a whooping from Solange because she was furious at him for having an affair and disrespecting her sister. Reports surfaced last year of an alleged affair between Jay Z and Belgian model, Claudia Scheelen. She is a previous Miss Belgium winner who spent time with Jay Z in a club, last year, partying away. He is supposed to have told her that he has been all over the world and found that girls in Antwerp are the prettiest. (OK if you say so love). Now what happened between them last year has never been commented on by Jay Z’s camp so who knows?

Whatever the reason, I am sure no one deserves such a beating – I mean Solange was really going for it! Beyonce can be seen to be calm in the elevator and it does look like she was trying to talk to her sister but as there is no audio we don’t actually know what was being said. I am sure the Beyonce and Jay Z camp will have to release a statement soon as the world’s press has gone wild about this story.

jayz and ho

The model, Claudia Scheelen, and Jay Z


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