Are ab crunches are a waste of time?

Want a flat and toned tummy ready for summer? Well stay away from ab crunches, for now. So many people have the misconception that ab crunches are the way to get a toned tummy. Well they’re not. You know you see the slightly over weight people at the gym who spend ages doing crunches? I want to shout at them that it’s not doing any good!

If your belly is a bit on the cuddly side, you’re going to have to remove some of that fat before the abs start to make an appearance. Remember that abs are made in the kitchen first. You have to watch what you eat before you can consider having a 6 pack.

The number one rule is to lower your fat intake. If you are not lowering your fat intake then you are wasting your time working out. Concentrate on some cardio but not just cardio. You need to mix up your workouts. Running for 2 hours won’t give you a flatter stomach or a 6 pack.
To get a more toned tummy, the conclusion is, watch what you eat and concentrate on all over body fitness and a diet change. You could be doing crunches all day long but if you eat total rubbish you will never loose that gut and never see those ab muscles. So you must maintain a healthy diet and severely cut down on fat intake.
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