Beyonce storms off on date night?

It looked like Beyonce was standing by her man after the beating he got from Solange. However, reports suggest that while the couple were having pizza in Brooklyn on May 11, Beyonce stormed off mid way during the meal. Why is she so mad at her hubby? Is she standing by her sister?

Who would have thought that the threesome had such a complicated relationship? Some suggest that Solange doesn’t like the way Jay Z controls her sister and was simply standing up for her. Maybe this is why Beyonce didn’t intervene during the heated exchange in the elevator? Another rumour, to add fuel to the fire, is that Solange was angry at Jay Z for his close relationship with Kim K’s bestie, Rachel Roy. Maybe this is why the pair had a disagreement at the Met Gala. Reports suggest that Solange publicly had an altercation with Rachel.

There are going to be a lot of rumours and stories surfacing now that the video of Solange beating Jay Z has surfaced but who actually knows the truth? Just the 3 of them I suppose!


Beyonce And Jay Z at a cosy meal at a pizza restaurant in Brooklyn


Jay Z holds his sore face after being punched and kicked by Solange

rachel roy

Rachel Roy


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