Celebrities who used to be strippers

See the gallery below for celebrities who used to be former strippers – some are quite surprising.


Eve was a stripper only for a month when she was 18


Amber Rose was a stripper in New York and Philadelphia


NeNe Leakes was apparently a stripper for a short lived time before her TV fame


Carmen Electra


Catherine Zeta Jones was an exotic dancer and she used all her earnings to get a nose job and then started appearing on TV


Lady Gaga was a stripper at the age of 18 and said she was pretty wild but doesn’t like to talk about it much.


Dita Von Teese also started stripping at age 18 (what is it with being 18 and a stripper)


Brad Pitt was part of a 6 man stripping team when he was younger


Kendra Wilkinson was a stripper – this was how Hugh Hefner discovered her


Anna Nicole Smith was a famous stripper and this is how she met her elderly husband


Channing Tatum was a stripper back in the day in Florida


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