Was this the reason that Solnage hit Jay Z?

Rumours have been flying since the bust up between Solange and Jay Z. The latest is that Solange was fuming at Jay Z for not helping to boost her career as he had promised her. She is tired of living in Beyonce’s shadows and wants a successful career just like her sister but Jay Z just doesn’t have the time to dedicate to her right now. Also it seems that Jay Z said, on that fateful night, that he would be attending Rhianna’s Met Gala after party without Beyonce. This apparently sent Solange in to a rage – she didn’t get why he just didn’t go home with his wife rather than go to a club, Ultimately he didn’t go to the party but was this one of the reasons Solange attacked him?

But why then has Solange reportedly deleted all of Beyonce’s pictures from her Instagram? She must be mad at her sis for something also? Well the plot continues to thicken…. Maybe she wants Beyonce to choose her or Jay Z? I am saw the rumour mill will keep churning out lots more stories but what actually happened?????


bey and solange


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