Should women work out their chest?

My previous personal trainer told me that it was not a good idea to work out my chest as it would give me too defined pecs and make me look rather masculine. therefore, I obviously avoided the main chest exercises and just stuck with pushups. Now I have been informed that it’s actually a good idea for women to work on the chest area – confused? Yep I am. I started my own research and have found out that it is a good idea to workout the chest at least once a week. There’s no chance I am going to be bench pressing more than the guys or looking like one! That requires some intense training and diet regime that I am just not that committed to but I applaud those women that can do this – it takes a lot of dedication.

I have to say that training my chest is last on my workout list,  I just don’t consider it that important but looks like I was majorly wrong! By avoiding doing chest workouts you can get an imbalance of muscles and plainly speaking, just look a bit odd, e.g a bony chest, bad posture. Chest exercises also incorporate other muscles – triceps, biceps. Also, and this is the big bonus, working out the chest burns more calories. Why? Well it’s because the chest is a huge muscle area and training it will burn more calories than smaller muscle groups.

There are 3 main exercises for a great workout – the bench press, chest flye and push up. You can use incline and decline on the bench to mix it up. Working out the chest is quick and relatively easy but the rewards are great. You don’t need to work out this area more than once or twice a week. If the basic push up is too easy, then there are ways to mix it up and make them harder – push up on a swiss ball, decline push ups, one handed push ups, trx push ups….. endless possibilities. So ladies make sure you work out that chest. I have just started and regret not doing more sooner!

Do you have any great chest workouts?


The 3 main chest exercises

psuh up 1

Push up on the half ball

psuh up 4

One arm push up if you can – wish I could!

push up 3

Frog push up – alternate legs

push up 5

use a bench for variation


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