What the hell is the thigh gap?

As if size 0 wasn’t a hard enough goal for women to achieve, something else has come along to take it’s place – the thigh gap. Now what is this I hear you say? Well, it’s exactly as it sounds – a gap between your thighs. So when you stand with your feet together, you have a gap between your inner thighs, as in they don’t touch. Now when I do this I most definitely don’t have a gap. Is it bothering me? I am proud to say not in the slightest but it is apparently affecting a lot of young vulnerable girls and women. It’s a new impossible beauty fad for us women to supposedly aspire to.

I mean you can even find out , online, how to achieve a thigh gap! Surely this can lead to anorexia and women become obsessed with achieving a goal which is not possible for everyone. Genetics, of course, play a huge part. Yes, many supermodels have this gap but that’s because they have crazily low weights and fat percentages and it’s their job to be that thin. At the end of the day they are merely `hangers’ for the clothes they model.

What women should be aspiring to is being fit, healthy and strong. Not trying to attain the bodies of pre-pubescent girls! There are literally thousands of pages dedicated to the thigh gap and it’s so called `beauty’. What do you make of it? Is it anorexia in hiding or is it cute? I for one think it’s rather disturbing a not a trend that I approve of.


the thigh gap – looks scarily like anorexia to me


Thigh gap


Beyonce was even air brushed to create a thigh gap!


One thought on “What the hell is the thigh gap?

  1. THANK YOU! Many girls don’t understand the fact that a thigh gap is down to the alignment of your hips, not everyone has them. And yes, fit and healthy is better any day.

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