Make up contouring – get a Hollywood face!

The celebrities have finally revealed their make up secrets to achieve that flawless look. Now don’t think it’s easy – it’s not. It requires serious dedication and skills, even better your own make up artist!

What is make up conturing? In a nutshell it’s very clever make up which highlights and shades features to either lessen them or bring them out. It is all about enhancing your current features or lessening features you don’t particularly like, for example, a big nose etc. Now I’ve tried to do it myself and it was a disaster – I looked like a clown gone wrong. Ideally I think it would be better to get tips of an expert and learn how to apply it yourself. This is not an everyday look but great for special occasions. Kim Kardashian seems to be the number 1 fan of this look but for me its just too much make up for everyday wear. what do you think?


Check out the tutorial below to achieve the look




Kim Kardashian is a big fan


Hit and miss contour make up


From start to finish


it’s a lot of make up but the end results are great


Tia Mowry – before and after


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