Has Jennifer Hudson gained weight?

She is notoriously well-known not just for her voice but for her amazing weight loss story. However, images of her that have surfaced from the LA Pride event, which took place recently, seem to indicate that she’s put some weight back on. I’m not sure if she has but judging by the pictures, I’m not sure what the hell is going on with her clothing. Whatever angle or light you look at these pictures, there’s no redeeming qualities at all. She looks tacky and out of shape.

The fish nets with the bodysuit are not a good combination at all. The outfit is so unflattering it makes it look as though she’s gained a few pounds. What do you think?

The dress she wore to the Tony Awards was far more flattering and regal than the bodysuit and fish net monstrosity!


This is one ugly outfit


The outfit makes her look out of shape and out of style


This silver dress is far more flattering


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