What is waist training?

We saw Khloe Kardashian, recently, wearing a waist training belt which seriously boosted her curves and gave her a tiny waist. What is it exactly and is it safe? We have all heard about belly binding the tummy after pregnancy. After baby the tummy is just a mess and contraptions such as the Belly Bandit and the Cinch belt help to shrink the tummy back to a `normal’ size but it has to be worn religiously and be on tight. I have to say I used these after my 2 babies and it totally worked. I put my flat tummy down to using this everyday for about 3 months after babies. Also back in Victorian times they were obsessed with tiny waists and the corset was the way to go. They were extreme in its usage though- often fainting because it was on too tight. Now that must have been painful!

Waist training is a similar concept to belly binding, but with no pregnancy belly. A waist belt or corset trains the waist to decrease with time. It won’t happen over night, it takes some serious dedication and time. Is the corset safe to use? I ‘m not so sure about that. It can’t be that comfortable and I’m sure your internal organs would be screaming out for some space! Dita Von Teese must surely do some form of waist training because her waist is absolutely tiny!

My conclusion is that it can help you get a smaller waist but it won’t help you lose weight. You have got to do that the good old-fashioned way – diet and exercise.  It will give you a nice shape under clothing – a bit like Spanx but more hardcore. The thing with waist cinchers is that you have got to do it to a point which is comfortable for you. If you are having problems breathing, then it’s on too damn tight!!!!

I am tempted to give it a go but won’t be extreme (I think this is the safest way). Will keep you guys updated. Anyone else tried it?


Kourtney Kardashian was a fan of the belly bandit


The Cinch belt



Erica Mena is a fan


Khloe’s waist and curves look amazing with her corset on


How the corset can help your shape


Check out Dita’s tiny waist!


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