OMG Hank Baskett chasing a transexual!!!

What the heck is it with these guys and transsexuals? First it was Casper Smart and now the rumours suggest it’s Hank Baskett, the husband of former playmate, Kendra Wilkinson!!! There have been reports in recent days that the pair are facing marriage difficulties and Hank was seen checking into a motel looking downtrodden.

Well, now reports have suggested that the reason for the marriage problems is Hank’s dealings with a transsexual called Ava Sabrina London. Hank is alleged to have made contact with the transsexual twice before meeting up with her California. Now this was all at the time when Kendra was 8 months pregnant. How could he? What is wrong with these guys? Don’t get married and have kids if you can’t commit to your family. It’s disgusting.

Hank reportedly met up with the transsexual at her home where they mutually masturbated and he touched her breasts and penis!!! Very gross and disturbing. He was so scared that the story would get out, especially after J-Lo’s partner’s transsexual stories came out. He tried to pay off this transsexual model and even suggested he would end his life if the story got out! Come on guys everything always comes out sooner or later. I am actually in shock that this has happened and my heart goes out to Kendra who recently had a baby.

kendra 2

Ava Sabrina London


Hank Baskett with his family


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