Jay Z cheating on Beyonce with Mya

The latest regarding the power couple’s marriage is that Jay Z has been cheating on Beyoncé for years with singer, Mya. He is supposedly even said to be funding the singer’s lifestyle!!!!! Is this true or not? Who knows but what we do know is that there is definitely trouble in paradise.

Beyoncé hinted at her marital woes during a performance on Sunday in Ohio. the song she performed is based around cheating and she personalised the lyrics to hint at her own troubles. Instead of singing `been riding with you for 6 years’, as are the original song lyrics, she changed them to `been riding with you for 12 years’. Everyone knows that is has been 12 years since Jay Z and Beyoncé first met. Furthermore, she performed the song wearing a wedding veil!!!!

So what do you think? Has Jay Z been cheating on the gorgeous Bey? Is he mad? If it’s true I feel her pain.


Beyonce performs the song in a wedding veil


The singer Mya




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