Beyonce and Jay Z just faking their marriage?

We are all aware of the rumors surrounding Beyoncé and Jay Z’s marriage troubles. Ever since the infamous elevator fight between Jay and Solange, the couple have not been able to deny their obvious marriage problems.

Latest reports suggest that Solange accused Jay Z of cheating on her sister with Rhianna! It is obvious that their marriage is not the perfect marriage we all were told to believe. Rumours of Jay Z cheating will not go away but what is the truth in them? What do you think?

Recent actions by Beyoncé seem to suggest trouble in paradise. The tattoo on her finger with the roman number, 4, has been lasered off. The number signifies her and Jay Z’s marriage and birth dates. Is she trying to get rid of him in every way she can?

Beyoncé and Jay Z are first and foremost entertainers, musicians, business people and somewhere down the line a married couple. They maybe trying to save face and further public humiliation by making sure they complete their tour. Rumors suggest that they are being accompanied on tour by marriage counsellors!

The couple have not come forward and said anything to the public regarding their marriage. Instead Beyoncé has posted several happy pictures of her family but also has changed lyrics of several of her songs to somehow hint at the disharmony between the couple. Who really knows what’s going on?! Maybe we will all find out after their current tour – let’s wait and see.


Beyonce’s hand after the laser tattoo removal


Beyonce’s hand before the tattoo removal


Are the power couple pretending to be in love on their tour?


Rhianna and Jay Z




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