Nicki Minaj reveals her ample butt

Nicki Minaj recently uploaded this risqué photo to her Instagram account to promote her latest single, `Anaconda’. Not much left to the imagination is there?!



Misconceptions regarding the ageing process

There are many myths and misconceptions regarding halting the ageing process. We have all heard about special lotions and potions for the skin and also that staying slim is the answer to looking younger.

Here are a few misconceptions about the ageing process:

1. CARDIO – what do I see everyday when I go to my gym? An entire gym mainly full of cardio machines and most people pounding away at them for hours on end. Too many people think that cardio is the answer to anything weight loss related. Cardio, is of course useful, if done correctly, but it will not slow down the ageing process. In fact, it does the complete opposite – it can accelerate the ageing process!

2. A LOW FAT DIET – Since the introduction of fat free everything, the population has actually got fatter. We  need fat to remain healthy and look younger. Fat is not bad for you if you know what you are eating. If you are just following a low-fat diet, you are depriving your body of the nutrients it needs to function correctly and remain looking younger. You need fat to feed your hormones which make you look younger.

3. YOGA – There is such a fad over yoga – everyone seems to be doing it. Now I know yoga is good for improving your flexibility and spiritual connection but it can not be considered an effective overall exercise. Sure, some movements are physically challenging and demanding but they do not stimulate the entire body to build lean muscle, burn fat and most importantly slow the ageing process!!


So sounds like you need to eat more fat to look younger and engage in physical activity which will stimulate your entire body such as circuits and some weights.


Yoga is not an effective form of exercise


A totally fat free diet is actually not good for you or ageing


Too much cardio can age you

Beyonce and Jay Z divorce imminent?

The rumor mill is in over drive today with news of an imminent divorce between hot couple, Beyonce and Jay Z.
Since the infamous elevator fight between Solange and Jay Z, cheating accusations against him and the general state of his marriage have not gone away.
Apparently the latest rumors suggest that after the pair have finished their ‘On the Run Tour’, they will announce their break up to the world.
No real credible sources have seemed to back this up to date but let’s wait and see.


Celebrities before they were famous

Ever wondered how your favourite A list celebs looked back in the day? Take a look at the gallery below – amazing what make up and styling can do!


Wow – who ever thought George Clooney had long hair?


Pamela Anderson wasn’t so hot back in the day


Angeline Jolie lost her puppy fat and became even more gorgeous


Thank God Tom Cruise got some decent teeth


Victoria Beckham wasn’t always so well polished


Rhianna looks fairly innocent in her earlier days


Janet Jackson


Jennifer Aniston before her Friends days


Johnny Depp has always been handsome


Zac Efron looks like he had his teeth fixed or maybe braces did the job


Wow Nicole Kidman is almost unrecognizable!


Snoop Dogg looks totally presentable back in his past days!!!!


OMG! Jennifer Love Hewitt had her ugly duck days at high school by the looks of it!


Cameron Diaz always had a dazzling smile


Amazing what make up can do!

Celebrities who got married quickly

So, this week Cherly Cole married her lover,Jean Bernard Fernandez-Versini, after just 3 months of dating. Do you think it will last the distance? Who knows but check out the gallery below for some other celebrities who tied the knot super quick.


Cheryl and her new hubby married after just 3 months


Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson got engaged after just 6 months of dating


Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon married after 2 months!


Kim Kardashian married Kris Humphries after 5 months of dating


Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom married after only a month of knowing each other. It didn’t work out too well for them as they are currently separated


Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes got married fast – after just 2 months of dating they were engaged


Russell Brand and Katy Perry got married after only a few months of dating. Didn’t end well for them as the pair are now divorced

Celebrity make up disasters

We all have make up disasters which we wish we could erase. Check out the gallery below of some famous celebrities who really needed to ask for a second opinion before they stepped out!

TOWIE Star Gemma Collins

British reality star, Gemma Collins, should have asked for some advice before she left the house!!


Sharon Stone looks like she belongs in a horror movie with this make up disaster


Kelly Osbourne – truly frightening!


Nicole Kidman went slightly over the top with the white powder


Ashley Judd


This is not Lindsay Lohan’s grandmother but the woman herself! scary!!


Eva Longoria also suffered a make up disaster


J-Lo’s make up artist got the star’s colouring all wrong


What the hell has happened to Drew Barrymore?


Miley Cyrus suffered a make up malfunction


Even A listers get it wrong


Selena Gomez is multi coloured


Even the queen of fashion, Victoria Beckham, gets it wrong


I don’t know what to say really about Catherine Zeta Jones’ make up disaster


Uma Thurman – what is it with these white powder mishaps?


Leighton Meester looks like she belongs in the Addams family!


Naomi Watts



What is Justin Beiber playing at?

I can’t keep up with Justin Bieber and all his women. One minute him and Selena are back together and then he’s out there with several other women! What’s going on Justin? You can’t keep it real with one woman? I have to say this little man does annoy me and his constant toying with Selena’s emotions is getting a bit tiresome for everyone. Selena deserves better and should just cut this loser free.

Justin has recently been seen getting close to model Yovanna Ventura and Chantel Jefferies. He is definitely not a one woman man so ladies beware! He’s not worth it! Justin should do the right thing also and just leave Selena Gomez alone rather than playing with her emotions. It’s not fair on a young girl.

justin bieber justin2