What went on between Justin and Orlando????

So what exactly went down in Ibiza between Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber on Tuesday? Apparently Justin provoked Orlando by shouting out to him `What’s up bitch?’. Not surprising Orlando acted the way he did particularly as there have been strong rumours suggesting that Miranda and Justin had some sort of `thing’ going on while she was married to Orlando! Apparently the pair hooked up at the 2012 Victoria Secret’s fashion show and since then Bloom has never looked at Miranda in the same way. Maybe this is what prompted the pair to split?

Now spectators of the fight suggest that Orlando did make contact with Justin when he punched him while some statements suggest that the punch never landed. Recent reports suggest that A listers Lindsay Lohan, P Diddy and Leo DiCaprio were present at the restaurant and DiCaprio even cheered when Justin was getting hit! Whatever happened what we do know is that Orlando Bloom is a hero. He did what a lot of us want to do – punch that smug smile off Justin’s face!

To make matters worse Justin posted a bikini Instagram shot of Miranda but took it down later. Was he just stirring up more trouble? If there is any truth in it can I just say is Miranda crazy? Justin is merely a boy whereas Orlando is all man and a hero now after his recent fist fight with Justin!!!



Very strange love triangle


The fight outside Ciprani restaurant in Ibiza


Justin posted this picture to his Instagram